I welcome submissions in the following categories:

Interview. A transcription of a taped interview or longer written interview lasting roughly one hour.

Discussion. Two or three pointed questions submitted to someone in writing, followed by discussion in the comment section.

Opinion. Critique, analysis, or discussion of any cultural artifact (for example: article, book, movie, painting, website, play, poem, ritual, object, etc.).

Work. A wave file of music, a short story, one paragraph, a poem, drawing, painting, photograph. Topics: the arts, philosophy, biology; schizoanalysis, anarchism, punk, death. Anything. It really doesn’t matter, as long as it takes flightlives, breathes, shits, and bleeds.

Please read the About page to get a sense of the spirit of this site. Send all inquiries to lof@glennwallis.com.

Thank you for your interest in Lines of Flight.


Image: Bram van Velde (Dutch; 1895-1981).




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