As promised, the much anticipated continuation of the amazing Epic (in the Brechtian sense) novel by Tom Pepper!

In this installment, we meet new characters, and are introduced to new narrative points of view, and begin to learn more about how this collection of (I’ll go ahead and use the Althusserian terminology) poorly interpellated subjects was produced and brought together!  Devious plots unfold, and biting critique of American society abounds as we gradually learn what has caused the disastrous occurrences adumbrated in the prologue!

On a more serious note: posted here as a PDF is the next part of the novel I’m working on, Durdára Bodhicitta.  As before, I can send mobi (Kindle) or ePub (nook) files to anyone interested, just email me at–there’s no way to post such files on WordPress, it seems.

My hope is that this novel will work to motivate some real world action, but that may take a few more installments.  At the very least, perhaps it will motivate others to submits some creative work of their own, and subject it to the merciless cruelty of frank and honest ideological critique.

Please feel free to comment, on this or the previous installment.  No-holds-barred discussion is the goal, but as is my policy these days I will just not bother to respond to comments I find nonsensical.

I hope you read on, and enjoy!  And then…do something about the world!

Durdára Bodhicitta 2


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